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Main new features added in Version 2.0 of Blog System

blog script Facebook Login and Sign up Facebook Login and Sign up

The facebook sign up feature allows the users to create their blog by skipping the default registration procedure and simply confirming their blog name and password (the other information is taken from their facebook profile after they sign up using the facebook login button and authorize the application).
Also the facebook login makes possible to log in on the blog portal by using their facebook user name and password. (instead of entering their blog name and password for the blog portal).

php blog Community functionality Community functionality

The entirely new Community functionality in Blog System strives to make the website powered by the script more funny for the bloggers, allowing them to define their profile, search for new friends, make friendship proposals, exchange messages and others.

php blog New blogger templates New blogger templates

With the new blogger templates added, the bloggers now could choose between 72 pre-made templates. They can design also their own templates and customize their colors and settings.

php blog Automatic pinging of blog ping servers Automatic pinging of blog ping servers

A new feature allows the bloggers to ping automatically ping servers like, and ping-o-matic on new blog posts.
The benefits are to help improve the speed at which search engines index the content - many of the large search engines access websites like ping stream and use it to update their search indexes. It also helps distribution and visibility across the web and blogosphere in general. Not just search engines access websites like, but blogging platforms, web services, ISPs, aggregators, social networks and more.

php blog Newsletter functionality for the bloggers Newsletter functionality for the bloggers

The new newsletter functionality allows the administrator to send newsletter to the bloggers and inform them for important updates, news and other information.

php blog New dashboard New dashboard on the blogger's admin space home page

The new dashboard provides quick information for the current blog posts, comments and site visits. It shows the recent comments and community messages. It has also direct links to change the blog theme and make a quick blog post.

php blog New WYSIWYG editor New WYSIWYG editor

The new WYSIWYG editor has more user friendly interface and better browsers compatibility.

php blog New anti spam features New anti spam features

Special features to prevent the spamming including new improved captcha images, anti spam questions (sum of numbers), analyze of the blog posts an user makes (calculation of their frequency and number of links in them, in order to prevent posts with too many links and high probability to be spam etc.) and others.

php blog share the content on twitter and facebook Functionality to share the content on twitter and facebook

This new functionality allows to share directly the blog posts content on twitter and facebook.

php blog Speed and performance Speed and performance

A lot of improvements to optimize the loading speed have been made (like optimization of the mysql queries, management of the uploaded pictures and files etc.), the new system can work up to several time faster compared to the previous version.
It has already also its own caching system especially designed for heavy loaded websites, it decreases to the minimum the sql queries being executed when rendering the blogs and front site pages. This helps to increase considerably the website performance.

php blog Images upload directly from the WYSIWYG Images upload directly from the WYSIWYG editor

Following the feedback of our customers, we have made possible in the new version for the bloggers to upload directly pictures from the WYSIWYG editor and insert them inline with the blog posts content.

php blog Posts Voting Posts Voting

The visitors can vote already with ease for a post by rating it from 1 (the lowest) to 10 (the highest). The administrator could show the top rated posts on the front site and also the top rated bloggers and top rated posts show up in the bloggers admin space in the Community section.

php blog Blogs admin space template Blogs admin space template

The blogs admin space is already using the same design as the main website (in difference of previous version where it was using a default system layout).
The blogs admin space template can be customized separately if necessary from the main website template.

php blog Improved security Improved security

New way of encryption of the user password and new forgotten password functionality. Better protection and data input validation. Functionality to restrict the access to the main admin panel only to some authorized IP addresses.

php blog New admin panel design New admin panel design

New design for the admin panel - larger and with new icons, as well as improvements in the admin panel menus and pages.

php blog Auto populate blogs using external RSS feeds Auto populate blogs using external RSS feeds

The new auto populate feature makes quite easy for the blogger to import external content in his blog. This could be very useful if the blogger has already a blog on another portal and would like to import his posts from it to his blog on the website powered by Blog System. Or it can be used to import quite fast some news or other data using the external feeds for it.


Other small improvements like the multi level menu on the front website is already supported also for the "customized" menu (which can be defined from the admin panel), new backgrounds for the blogs, "who is online now" feature showing the online users for the community functionality and others.

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