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Car Portal Screenshots

You may find below screenshots from the main site and administration panels showing the interface and features. please visit our Online Demos page for full demos and details.

Default Template Home Page

The home page of the website showing the search form , slider with the featured listings, top dealers section, latest listings, news and others.
default template home page car portal php script

advanced search form expanded car portal php script

Advanced Search Form Expanded

The users can easily switch between simple and advanced search, by just clicking on the More button or Expand button of the simple search form. The advanced search form with all the search options for the selected vehicle type will instantly show up, without reloading the entire page.

Search Results

The search results page shows the listings found to the left and a refine search form to the right.
search results car portal php script

car listing details car portal php script

Car Listing Details

The vehicle details page shows the full information about the vehicle. It has different tabs like Images showing the different images uploaded by the user, "Location" - showing the vehicle location (if the user has entered one) and a map, "Share" with functionality to share the listing on social networks and recommend it to a friend.

Grid View of the Search Results

The users can easily switch between "List View" and "Greed View" of the search results - the results layout is updated instantly without reloading the entire page. The choice of the user is remembered, so the next time he opens the results, they will be displayed using the view he selected the last time.
grid view of the search results car portal php script

browse by make car portal php script

Browse by Make

The browse by make section shows the makes of the selected vehicle type and allows the website visitor browse the listings by selecting a make from the list.

Email Alerts

The Email Alerts page allows the users to create email alerts and be notified by email when a new vehicle matching their search criteria is posted on the website.
email alerts car portal php script

registered dealers car portal php script

Registered Dealers

The dealers page lets the visitors of the website browse the registered dealers, search for local dealers and also has a registration form allowing the new car dealers to sign up.

Trucks Tab

By default the script comes with 3 vehicle types - Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks (showing as tabs in the main menu on the front site), but also the administrator can easily add new ones directly from the administrator panel
trucks tab car portal php script

home page of the administration panel car portal php script

Home Page of the Administration Panel

The screenshot shows the home page /dashboard of the administration panel available for the website administrator to manage the website and different settings

User Listings Moderation

The administrator can approve, deactivate, delete or make featured any listings he prefers. There is also functionality allowing him to modify the listings information.
user listings moderation car portal php script

website structure and content management car portal php script

Website Structure and Content Management

The screenshot shows the page in the administration panel allowing to modify the content of the front site pages, add new ones or remove or rename the current ones.

Vehicle Types Management

The administrator can manage from the admin panel the different vehicle types, their makes and models, features, add custom fields and others.
vehicle types management car portal php script

configuration options car portal php script

Configuration Options

The different configuration options and settings can be changed easily from the administration panel

Dealers Administration Panel

Dashboard and home page of the dealers admin panel, available for the registered dealer users
dealers administration panel car portal php script

dealer listings management car portal php script

Dealer Listings Management

See the current ones, modify or post new listings functionality available for the dealers in their admin panel

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