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Event Portal

Your one-stop php software solution for creating event and ticket selling websites

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php event script, tickets selling software Event Portal is a php web software, which can be easily installed on a server or hosting package of yours to create quickly an advanced online event advertising and ticket selling website. It has multiple features for the users allowing them to post and search event listings, subscribe for events, process online event applications, sell tickets, create ticket maps, tickets generation and printing with bar code, sending newsletter and many others.
The software comes with a powerful administration panel, which allowing the site administrator to edit the website content and pages, change the different settings, manage the users and event listings and many others.
The administrator has also different options to charge the advertisers with different charging modes (with subscription, direct payments or credits) and charge them when posting event listings on the site or make them featured or when posting banners and others.
The software is written in core PHP and is using a MySQL database to store the user data.

Event Portal is provided with the full not encrypted sources , free installation on your host (if you prefer that we do it for you), free technical support and free powered by removal (we don't require you to keep any link back to us on your site or our references).


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