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Screenshots and Features of Event Portal

You may find below screenshots information about the main features and functionality of Event Portal

Home page of the main webste

The home page shows a section with the featured events, a search form allowing to search by keyword, location and event category, the latest event listings and also a section allowing to browse the events by location, organizing company and event category.
event portal Home page of the main webste

event portal Browse the events

Browse the events

The users can browse the events by location, category and event organizing company. The locations and categories can be changed easily by the administrator from the administration panel.

Search results

The search results show the event listings with their brief description, company information and others. It also has functionality to filter the event results by location or category.
event portal Search results

event portal Listing details

Listing details

The final result (listing details) shows the full information for the event and the organizing company. Depending on the option selected by the advertiser, the users can register for the event or buy tickets for it.

Browse the event organizing companies

This page on the website allows the users to browse the registered companies on the website, see their information, their latest events, write reviews for them and others.
event portal Browse the event organizing companies

event portal Buying tickets

Buying tickets

When selling tickets, the event organizer can choose to create a seat map and let the users reserve their seat (row and number) or create ticket groups and let the users choose the ticket group they prefer.

Reserving seats using the seat map

The users can click on the seats they wish to reserve, add the tickets to their cart and pay them and then find and print the tickets from their admin panel.
event portal Reserving seats using the seat map

event portal Registering for an event

Registering for an event

If the event organizing company chooses to accept registrations for the event, then the registered users on the website can register for the event by clicking on the corresponding button on the event listing details page. If the user still doesn't have an account, he will see a form allowing him to register. The personal information like first name, last name etc. is taken automatically from the users account and made available to the event organizing company when an user registers for a new event.

Company details page

On the company details page, the users can read more information about the company, see its address and phone, video presentation and also have access to tabs allowing to see the company events, a contact form and a tab to write a review for the company.
event portal Company details page

event portal Write review and rate an event organizing company

Write review and rate an event organizing company

The users can rate and write reviews for the event organizing companies. Based on the reviews and the rating, the corresponding number of stars will show up near the company name on the company details pages.

The main website log in form

The users can log in with their registered email address and password or log in with their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account (if activated by the administrator from the main administration panel).
event portal The main website log in form

event portal Home page of the advertisers admin panel

Home page of the advertisers admin panel

On the home page of their admin panel, the advertisers / event organizing companies can see shortcuts to the main pages of the admin panel, quick statistics information a list of their latest published events.

Posting a new event listing

When posting a new event listing on the website, the users can enter the event title and description, choose the event location and add a map to their listing, enter the address and the event start / end time, upload images and choose if the listing should be an announcement only or tickets should be sold or registrations will be accepted.
event portal Posting a new event listing

event portal Manage the event listings in the advertisers admin panel

Manage the event listings in the advertisers admin panel

The users can manage and edit the information and settings for their previously added event listings.

Adding tickets and ticket pricing groups

The event organizer can create different ticket pricing groups corresponding to different seats or offering different features and having different prices.
event portal Adding tickets and ticket pricing groups

event portal Editing the seat map for an event

Editing the seat map for an event

If a seat map is selected to be used for an event listing, then the user can create the map by using letters corresponding to the ticket groups added previously.

Home page of the main administration panel

event portal Home page of the main administration panel

More Event Portal Features

Responsive and mobile friendly interface design

The front site, the main administrations panel and users admin panel are designed to be mobile friendly and responsive (based on Bootstrap 3)

SEO optimized

Using SEO optimized urls, tags and keywords, website structure and content


Event Portal is multi-language - it's using a language file, which can be translated to any language and ready translations are available

Event organizers directory page

Allowing to search the registered event organizing companies, see their details, write reviews and browse their listings and others.

Subscriptions and credits functionality to charge the users

Flexible system to charge the users based on subscriptions or credits - the administrator is able to select his preferred payment option from the administration panel

WebSite Structure Management

Add new pages to the website directly from the administration panel, rename or remove the existing ones, use WYSIWYG editor to modify the pages content

Fast & Responsive Admin Panel

Most of the pages in the admin panel load without reloading the entire website (using AJAX technology) ensuring faster navigation and website management

Banners functionality

Allowing the administrator to charge the users for uploading their banner on the website in the different banner zones set by the administrator

Local settings configuration

Easy configuration from the admin panel of the local settings like currency, time zone, locations and others

Event alerts

The users can create event alerts and be notified by email when new events meeting their search criteria are posted on the website

Rate and write reviews

Rate and write reviews for employers and recruiting companies

Custom event fields

Functionality to add custom fields for the event listings and users directly from the admin panel without editing the source files


Send newsletter to the registered users or to selected users only

Post News

Functionality for posting news and announcements on the website

Configuration Options Management

Modify easily the configuration options like currency, time zone, date format etc. to customize the software for your project and country

Custom extensions and tags

Create your own custom php extensions and tags to expand the features of the software or customize it for your project requirements

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