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Suggest a new product - let us develop it and you'll receive for free an unlimited domains version of it!

6 September, 2013,      Share this news:   Share on Google+   Share on Facebook   Share on Twitter

Looking for a script that you can't find on our website? Having ideas or suggestions for a new product you would like to use on your websites?

Send us your suggestions describing the product and features you would like to have in it - we'll discuss them and get back to you shortly. If approved, we'll try to develop it as soon as possible and provide you an unlimited domains versions (that you can use on as many different websites and domains you wish) for free!

Thank you, Alejandro Ramirez, for suggesting the clone script (Deals and Coupons Sharing Portal script). It's already in development and will be available in the second half of September '2013. Your suggestions and feedback are also welcome! Thank you very much in advance!

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