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Vlog System Screenshots

Please find below screenshots from the Vlog System main admin panel, the front site and the users admin panel helping to get quick idea of the interface and its features. Please check our demos for details and don't hesitate to contact us if any questions.

Dashboard of the Vlog System Admin panel

The home page of the admin panel allows the administrator to see quick overview of the last created vlogs, users and statistics information.
php videos vlog dashboard of the vlog system admin panel

php videos vlog adding new subscription / pricing plan

Adding new subscription / pricing plan

The administrator can create different packages / pricing plans for the users with different features like different allowed space, number of posts, if advertisements will be shown on the user vlogs etc. and set different pricing for them.

Dashboard of the users admin panel

The users can create shortcuts on their dashboard to the pages they use more often by simply dragging items from the main navigation menu. They can change the position of the tiles and arrange them in the way the prefer.
php videos vlog dashboard of the users admin panel

php videos vlog choosing a vlog layout and accent colors

Choosing a vlog layout and accent colors

The vloggers can choose the layout of their vlog, select also a predefined skin or enter their own accent color. They can select also custom background, add logo and further customize their vlog design.

Premade user templates

Vlog System comes with premade user templates - the vloggers can select the template they prefer on the Settings->Template page in the vloggers admin space.
php videos vlog premade user templates

php videos vlog setting a profile picture

Setting a profile picture

Uploading a custom profile picture from the Profile->Edit page in the users admin panel.

Auto populate user vlog using external RSS feeds

The users can auto populate and automatically import posts in their vlogs using external RSS feeds. This functionality can be useful also if the user has a vlog on another website and would like to move all his post to the website powered by Vlog System.
php videos vlog auto populate user vlog using external rss feeds

php videos vlog creating photo albums and adding pictures in them

Creating photo albums and adding pictures in them

The users can upload multiple picture at once in a photo albumt and change the order of the uploaded picture or add more later when editing the photo album.

Browsing the vlogs by category

The users can browse the vlogs by category or see the latest vlogs with their posts on the front site
php videos vlog browsing the vlogs by category

php videos vlog content management system

Content Management System

The software comes with an advanced content management system built-in, allowing to manage the website structure and content, add new pages , modify the content of the existing ones and others.

News Management

The news feature makes possible to post news and anouncements on the website.
php videos vlog news management

php videos vlog language versions

Language Versions

The site can be configured to be multi language and new languages can be added from the admin panel.

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