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Our new PHP Auto Dealer product

25 October, 2012,      Share this news:   Share on Google+   Share on Facebook   Share on Twitter

PHP Auto Dealer is a software written in PHP especially designed for car dealers, who would like to easily launch their own website with their own listings and information on it.

It has a front site showing a search form with different options (allowing to search the car inventory), a section showing the latest listings, browse the vehicles by makes, page allowing the users to create email alerts (in order to receive an email alert when a new car meeting their search criteria is posted) and others.

There are several vehicle types with their makes and models defined by default - Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks, but new vehicle types can be easily added from the admin panel, so the website can be extended and new categories to be added. The system is flexible and allows new fields for the different vehicle types to be added from the admin panel, so the car dealer is free to add the new fields he prefers.

php auto dealer front site demo The PHP Auto Dealer script is also using a flexible template system - the templates can be modified or new ones to be created in order to completely customize the website look and feel. The content management functionality in the admin panel allows also the car dealer to manage the current pages and their content (for example edit the content of the About Us page with a WYSIWYG editor) and also add new pages to the website. A special functionality to add custom server side forms is also included in the admin panel - with it, it's possible to create custom forms (like contact or feedback forms) with custom fields in them.

multi languages flags mix PHP Auto Dealer is multi language. It uses a language (text) file, which can be translated to any language, so a website running the script could have multiple languages and let the visitors of the website choose the language they prefer. On our default demo, we have added the Spanish and English languages, but more translations are available - in a case you may be interested in additional language, please contact us and we'll provide you more information on its availability.

php auto dealer front site demo Other useful features could be also found in the admin panel like the functionality for the car dealer to create sub accounts of his main account, post news on the website using the special news section and form on it and others.


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