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Why our products?
- We provide the full source codes - not encrypted, so you or developers working for you can make modifications in them.

- All our prices are final, there are no other hidden fees like for example to remove the "powered by" etc.

- We offer free installation on your hosting and free technical support

- The design can be customized to match your needs and they can be used with different templates

- They are multi-language - it's easy to translate them to new languages (there is a language file) and there are a lot of ready translations available
Combine Products
Combine several of our products to create unique websites with single login id, different sections and features for the users and increased lead generation and profit for the website owner.
combine several php software products
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The new version of Real Estate Portal!

real estate portal v4 When working on the new version of Real Estate Portal, we tried to focus on 3 main aspects:

- increase the profits for the website owner

- make the interface mobile friendly and responsive

- add new useful features for the real estate agents and private sellers to make the site better and easier to use

To address these, we added different new features and updates like - adding a new charging method based on subscriptions (so now the administrator could choose between subscriptions or credits and also have special packages for the private sellers), new 3 columns layout to have more space for banners and advertisements in the left and right columns, also the default front site design is now Bootstrap 3.0 and fully responsive (in order to provide best experience to smartphone and tablet users), made easier adding a video for a property by pasting its YouTube or similar system code and also easier to adding Google Maps, which can be done directly from address (based on the Geocoding API), Facebook login feature, our new administration panels and others.

What is Real Estate Portal?

Real Estate Portal is a software written in PHP, allowing you to launch powerful and professional looking real estate portals with rich functionalities for the private sellers, buyers and real estate agents to list properties for sale or rent, search in the database, show featured ads and many others. The private sellers can manage their ads at any time through their personal administration space.
Since the release of the first versions of Real Estate Portal, we've worked hard on improving the product and adding more and more advanced functionality like for example:
- functionality for the administrators to define the property types, the associated fields with them and even set which fields are searchable!
- email alerts (email notifications for the users when new properties matching their search criteria are listed)
- SEO optimized links, look like static html files with the property headline appearing in the link, for example:
- multi administrators back office - possibility to create multiple admin users and assign them different access rights for the system resources - improved multi language functionality, now it's even easier compared to the previous version to run a multi language real estate portal

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