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  • The new improved administration panel

    The Real Estate Portal administration panel offers quick and user-friendly access to all the admin pages, allows to change the different website configuration options, manage the property types and their fields, edit the pages content and many others. ...

Product Highlights & Key Features

Advanced administration panel to manage the website and its settings

The administration panel coming with the software offers full control for the administrator to manage the different website settings, the users and listings, the website pages and content, edit the texts, adding new pages on the site and many others.
advanced administration panel to manage the website and its settings php realtor software

user-friendly and responsive front-end php property script

User-friendly and responsive front-end

The front-end contains different sections and it's made to be both easy to navigate and intuitive for the users. Following the latest trends, it's also made to be responsive and mobile-friendly, with an interface adapting to the different devices and screen sizes.

Easy website customization - colors, local settings and others

The website can be easily customized according to your preferences and project requirements - for example the site colors can be changed with a single click from the admin panel. It's possible also to easily change the locations and set the ones for the country or countries you prefer, currency, time zone, home slider, create your own slides, change the background or site logo etc.
easy website customization - colors, local settings and others php realtor software

multi-language php realtor software


The real estate portal software is made to be multi-language, the main site can show multiple languages and let the site visitors choose their preferred language. For the translation, it uses language files, which are easy to translate and we also have ready translations, which we could provide on request. You are welcome to contact us for details and we'll provide you information for the particular language you may be interested in.

Real estate agents administration panel

The real estate admin panel offers different features to the real estate agents to manage their properties, check and reply their messages, edit their profile, manage their micro site and others. It has an user-friendly and responsive administration panel and the administrator can also customize its colors and design.
real estate agents administration panel real estate portal software

property settings management php real estate

Property settings management

The software comes with several property types defined by default like Apartment, House, Office, Land, but from the administration panel you could edit these types or easily add your own types. For every type also from the admin panel you can add your own custom fields, manage the property features etc.

Agent micro sites

The agent micro site (usually available on www.yourdomain.com/agent-username ) showcase the properties of this particular agent only. When adding a new property, it shows both on his micro site and the main site. Using the functionality available in the real estate agent administration panel, the agent can manage the pages of his micro site (edit their content, change their order or add new pages), customize the micro site colors, background and logo and post news on it. The micro sites offer a convenient url for the agent to advertise his properties, add for example its url to his business card etc. and increasing in such way also the popularity of the main site.
agent micro sites php property script

google maps integration php property script

Google Maps integration

The Google Maps integration with Geocoding allow the users to add easily maps to their listings, which show up after on the listing details page, on the Browse by Map page on the main site, allow after making a search the visitors to select to see them on a map etc.

Email alerts

The email alerts functionality make possible for the users to create their custom email alerts and be notified when new properties meeting their search criteria are posted on the site.
email alerts php property script

different features to charge the users responsive php real estate

Different features to charge the users

The software includes different features allowing to charge the users - you can choose to charge the agencies with subscriptions (they can choose a subscription and pay a monthly fee and be able to list up to some number of properties and featured properties as set by you) or credits (they buy credits and are charged for example 1 credit to list a property, 5 credits to make it featured etc.). For the private sellers the administrator can create special one listing packages, allowing different number of photos, video, having a featured or regular status etc. and having a different one-time price.

Directory with registered agencies

The Agents page on the main site shows like a directory of the registered agencies with their information, logo, address, contact details and links to show their properties on the site etc. The page includes also functionality for the site visitors to search for a particular agency by its name.
directory with registered agencies property portal script

functionality allowing the agencies to add multiple sub agent accounts property portal script

Functionality allowing the agencies to add multiple sub agent accounts

The agencies (main user) can create different sub accounts / listing agents, who can log in after and manage his own properties. On the listing details page, the website visitors can see information for both the listing agent and the agencies, their other properties etc.

Manage the site structure and content from the admin panel

The administration panel includes functionality to manage the site structure and pages, so you can add your own main pages, sub pages, change the hierarchy of the pages, edit their content, make pages to show in just some of the menus, set custom extensions to be executed for them and others.
manage the site structure and content from the admin panel php realtor software

flexible template system real estate portal software

Flexible template system

The software uses a flexible template system allowing to customize the default template or integrate new custom templates - the templates, which are used are like one static html file mixed with some special tags. You may find examples of different template integrated on our Online Demos page and we can also provide examples of customer websites on request. If you already have a design / template, which you may be interested in having integrated with the software, please just contact us or shows us the design and we'll get back to you asap with detailed information.

Multi-admin administration panel

This functionality amkes possible for the main administrator to create additional administrator users for the main admin panel and set also different permissions for the different pages in it. This can be useful if more persons are working on the website and if for example some persons should be responsible for managing and approving the real estate listings, others for posting news or editing the pages content etc.
multi-admin administration panel php script

custom extensions and custom defined tags real estate php script

Custom extensions and custom defined tags

The software includes functionality allowing to create custom extensions - you can create for example your own php file with custom code and set it to be executed for some page. The custom tags functionality makes possible to create your own tags and add them at any position in the template - you can again set files with your own code to be executed for them (in runtime the tag will be replaced in the template by the output generated by your file). Using these features, you could expand the default functionality with your own or add custom features you may need for your project.

Full not encrypted source codes and no powered by required

We provide by default the full not encrypted source codes, so you or developers working for you could modify them or add new features. We also don't require that you keep any links bank to us or to keep a powered by in the footer etc. , so you may have powered by your company or whatever you prefer.
full not encrypted source codes and no powered by required property portal script

free technical support, free installation and customization services real estate php script

Free technical support, free installation and customization services

We provide free technical support, so if you have any questions or experience a technical problem, you could contact us and we'll do our best to help If you prefer, we can also do the initial installation on your server or hosting package - it's a free service we offer and we can do it asap for you. In a case you may need that, we also offer customization services available on request and can customize the product according to your need. If you would like to test the speed we reply, we invite you to send us a message with any question(s) you may have and we'll get back to you as soon as possible after that.

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Not Encrypted Sources

We provide by default the source codes - not encrypted, so you can modify them or add new features.

Free & Easy installation

The integrated setup wizard makes the installation quick & easy. If you prefer, we can also do it for you (for free).

Free support

Should you have any questions or experience a technical issue, our support team will do its best to help.

Multi Language

Using a language file, it's easy to translate them to new languages. Ready translations are also available.

Free "Powered By" removal

We don't require that you keep any link back to us or powered by on your site and there is no extra fee for that.

Template Based

The template based approach makes possible for you to customize their design or create your own templates.

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