Create a modern dating or matchmaking website with our new software PHP Dating Site coming with multiple features for the users or website administrators ...

PHP Dating Site Main Features

You may find below a list of the main features of PHP Dating Site

Responsive and mobile friendly interface design

The front site, the main administrations panel and users admin panel are designed to be mobile friendly and responsive (based on Bootstrap 3)

SEO optimized

Using SEO optimized urls, tags and keywords, website structure and content


PHP Dating Site is multi-language - it's using a language file, which can be translated to any language and ready translations are available

User registration and search

Functionality for the users to register and search from their admin panel

User subscriptions management

Functionality for the administrator to create different user subscriptions with different features and charge the users a fee depending on the subscription they select

Photos upload

Functionality for the users to upload and organize their photos

Profile information management

Functionality for the users to manage their profile and edit the information for the type of relationship they are looking, body physique and manage others

Sending messages and friend requests

Feature to send messages and friend requests to other users

Friend requests and friends management

Approve or reject the friend requests, manage the list with the friends, add and delete friends

Adding to Favorites

Functionality to add users as favorites, the favorite profiles show up later on a separate page

Quick and advanced search

Quick search with basic search fields and advanced search with detailed search with multiple fields and possibility to easily switch between the two ones

Random profile

Functionality to show a random profile and browse randomly the user profiles on the website

Search results and results filtering

Functionality to show the search results and search in the results / filter them

Featured Profiles

The featured profiles show up always on top of the search results and also on the special Featured Profiles page - the administrator can charge the users to make their profile featured

Message reply and message archive

Functionality for the users to check the new messages, reply them, see message archive and the sent messages

Blog Posts

Feature to make blog posts and manage them - the blog posts of the user show up on his profile details page (allowing the users to share his comments and thoughts on actual events and the things he like and add custom content to his profile)

Adding Advertisements

Functionality for the administrator to add advertisements on the website like Google AdSense or similar and make them show at the top or bottom of the user pages, between the search results or in the side column

Field values management

Set and edit the field values like hair color, eye color, education, social status etc. from the administration panel

Website locations management

Change the locations on the website to set the states / cities and countries you prefer

Manage the users, user messages and blog posts from the admin panel

Functionality for the administrator to monitor the users, the exchanges messages between the users and their blog posts and delete any of them

Editing the texts on the website

Modify from the admin panel the texts and words, field names and explanation texts showing up on the user interface

FAQ Manager

Functionality in the admin panel to manage a FAQ section on the website, add, edit or delete the questions and answers


Add a send newsletter to the users from the administration panel

Web site structure management

Add new pages to the website directly from the administration panel, rename or remove the existing ones, use WYSIWYG editor to modify the pages content

Fast & Responsive Admin Panel

Most of the pages in the admin panel load without reloading the entire website (using AJAX technology) ensuring faster navigation and website management

Additional administrator users

Functionality to add additional administrator users (if more administrators have to work on the website)

Website statistics

See statistics for the website visits and the referrals

Template colors and logo management

Change the template colors and add a new website logo directly from the administration panel and the Template tab

Custom extensions

Functionality to create custom extensions (php files with custom code) and set them to be executed for selected pages on the main website

Custom html tags functionality

Feature allowing the administrator to define own html tags with custom php code executed for them and insert them in the template (to be used for adding custom widgets and plugins on the website)

Log in report

See log in report for the admin panel users

Contact form and messages

Functionality in the admin panel to see and reply the messages sent through the website contact form

Language versions management

Add new language versions, activate or deactivate them from the administration panel

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