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Combine Products
Combine several of our products to create unique websites with single login id, different sections and features for the users and increased lead generation and profit for the website owner.
combine several php software products
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Why our products?
- We provide the full source codes - not encrypted, so you or developers working for you can make modifications in them.

- All our prices are final, there are no other hidden fees like for example to remove the "powered by" etc.

- We offer free installation on your hosting and free technical support

- The design can be customized to match your needs and they can be used with different templates

- They are multi-language - it's easy to translate them to new languages (there is a language file) and there are a lot of ready translations available
The new version 3.0 of PHP Mall is already available!

Some of the new features are - new dashboard in the vendors admin space , product reviews functionality, customer loyalty program, multi level global product categories, new templates for the vendors, easier website configuration , and others ...

php mall version 3 front site and admin panel

What is PHP Mall?
PHP Mall (former iBoutique.MALL) is a powerful and flexible multi vendors mall solution. It makes possible for the merchants to sign up and create their online stores with ease. They could start selling their goods within minutes without having any html knowledge. PHP Mall offers rich functionality for both vendors (to manage their product inventory and payments, invoice generation, statistics, ...) and administrators, to control the whole system.

Our Products