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PHP Mall Screenshots

Please find below screenshots taken from the PHP Mall administration panel, the main site and the vendors administration panel helping to get quick idea of the interface and its features. Please check also our online demos for details and don't hesitate to contact us if any questions.

Dashboard / Home page of the admin panel

The dashboard of the administration panel shows the administrator quick information about the latest vendors, orders and product statistics.
php mall script Dashboard / Home page of the admin panel

php mall script Vendors Page

Vendors Page

On the Vendors page the administrator can see the list of the current vendors / stores registered on the mall.

Packages / Pricing Plans

The administrator can create different store packages / pricing plans - free and paid, with different prices and also offering different features to the vendors.
php mall script Packages / Pricing Plans

php mall script Advertisements


The advertisements page lets the administrator add easily ads on the user stores (they can be for example Google AdSense advertisements, banners or any other type of ads the administrator prefers). The advertisements can be configured also to show up only on the free store packages.

Charging commissions

The Commissions functionality can be used to calculate and charge the vendors commissions on the sales. It could be used together with the default functionality to charge the vendors - based on the store packages / pricing plans with recurring payments.
php mall script Charging commissions

php mall script Vendor Reviews

Vendor Reviews

The users can write reviews for both the products and the vendors / stores. The Vendor Reviews page in the administration panel allows the administrator to see and manage the reviews written for the vendors / stores.

Configuration Options

The page allows the administrator to manage the main configuration options on the mall like the url format of the user stores (to be sub domain or in sub folder like format), time zone, currency, price formatting, date formatting and others
php mall script Configuration Options

php mall script Changing the Locations

Changing the Locations

The locations are used when defining the shipping zones and costs, the taxes and others - the administrator can set his own list with locations (we also have ready lists for many countries, which we can provide on request). Multi-level locations (up to 4 levels) are also supported.

Managing the Products

The products are added by the vendors and the administrator has the possibility to moderate them and modify or delete any of them he prefers.
php mall script Managing the Products

php mall script Product Reviews

Product Reviews

This page shows the product reviews posted by the website visitors and customers


On the Order page in the administration panel, the administrator can see all the orders with their details placed on any of the stores
php mall script Orders

php mall script Website Management

Website Management

Manage the website content - add new pages, modify or rename the existing ones, change their content with the included WYSIWYG editor.

Home page of the vendors admin panel

The home page the vendors admin panel shows quick statistics information and also shortcuts to the main pages of the vendors admin panel. The vendor can create tiles / shortcuts to the pages he users more often by just dragging the corresponding items from the main navigation menu over the shortcuts area.
php mall script Home page of the vendors admin panel

php mall script Choosing a different store package

Choosing a different store package

The administrator can create different store packages - free or paid, which can differ on the maximum number of allowed products, number of allowed featured products, if advertisements will show up on the store etc.

Manage the products

Manage the products added in the vendors admin panel.
php mall script Manage the products

php mall script Adding a new product

Adding a new product

The form for adding new products in the vendors admin panel.

Adding a new coupon

The vendors have the possibility to create coupon codes with discounts for their customers.
php mall script Adding a new coupon

php mall script Edit the content of the pages

Edit the content of the pages

The vendors can edit the content of the pages on their store / website and also add easily new ones (which may be useful when they wish to add new pages with information about their company and products they offer).

Choosing a template

The vendor can choose between the store templates included on the website. For the basic template he can choose the layout, customize the color scheme and background.
php mall script Choosing a template

php mall script Additional templates

Additional templates

Adding news

Adding news in the vendors admin panel
php mall script Adding news

php mall script Setting taxes

Setting taxes

The vendor can set his own taxes for his stores, create also his own shipping zones and shipping costs associated with them.

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