• The new v4.0 of Blog System

    Now coming with new responsive and mobile friendly templates, new admin interface and many other improvements ... ...

  • New administration panel

    The new administration panel is mobile friendly and makes easier for the administrator to manage the user blogs, the website content and the different configuration settings and options ... ...

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  • Combine Several Products

    Combine several of our products to create unique websites with single login id, different sections and features for the users and ...

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What is Blog System?

responsive php blog portal script Blog System is a web software product written in PHP , that can be installed easily on a server / hosting package of yours and allows you to create multi user blog portals. It's a complete blog portal system and not just simple php blog script, including administration panel, users admin panels and many other features.

The users can sign up and create automatically their blogs, log in their administration panel and start making blog posts, create photo albums, upload files and many others. The administrator can create different blog hosting packages - free and paid, offering more features for the paid ones and make money by charging the used based on subscriptions and also make money from putting advertisements on the user blogs.
The software comes with different premade user templates and possibility for the bloggers to customize them by changing the layout, backgrounds and accent colors, change the settings of their blogs, manage the comments, auto populate their blogs using RSS feeds and many others.
The administrator can monitor the user blogs and manage them and the whole site using the administration panel coming with the software.

Why Choose Our Products?

We offer complete and professional website systems - allowing to create successful sites and make you money ...
and not just basic php scripts you can find all over the web. Find out below some of our advantages:

Not Encrypted Sources

We provide by default the source codes - not encrypted, so you can modify them or add new features.

Free & Easy installation

The integrated setup wizard makes the installation quick & easy. If you prefer, we can also do it for you (for free).

Free support

Should you have any questions or experience a technical issue, our support team will do its best to help.

Multi Language

Using a language file, it's easy to translate them to new languages. Ready translations are also available.

Free "Powered By" removal

We don't require that you keep any link back to us or powered by on your site and there is no extra fee for that.

Template Based

The template based approach makes possible for you to customize their design or create your own templates.

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