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NetArt Easy Cart v2.0

Free and easy to install (not using MySQL database) php shopping cart system with admin panel

easy cart - free responsive shopping cart script, no database, admin panel
NetArt Easy Cart is an absolutely free script, which you can download and use in your personal free or commercial websites and projects. It allows to create a simple shopping cart website or integrate a shopping cart functionality in an existing site - the users will be able to browse the products, add them in the cart and check out and make a payment.
The script is not using any MySQL or other database, the product information is stored in a XML file, so no complex installation is required and installing it is actually as easy as copying the files to your preferred folder or website.

NetArt Easy Cart comes with a simple and user-friendly administration panel making the products and website settings management quick and easy.

NetArt Easy Cart Main Features

Please find below a brief overview of the main features

free php software e-commerce

Template based and easily customizable

The main site (page) is using a template, which can be customized to include a header and footer you prefer, integrate it in other pages, change the colors and design.
The users could easily see the products list, add products in their cart and when clicking on Checkout be redirected to the payment page.

Grid and list view of the products

The users can select if they would like to see the products (results) as a grid or list - their choice will be remembered and the results will be displayed in the same format when they visit the page again.
php grid and list view products script

Separate product pages for better SEO

The script creates separate pages showing the product details - the pages use links in SEO format and have the product name in the page title and description in the meta tags. This allows your products to be well indexed and accessible from search engines like Google or similar.

AJAX / Easy loading of the products

The functionality allows more products to be loaded when the user reaches the page end with the scroll bar. This helps to optimize the initial loading speed and to show an infinite number of products without reloading the whole page.

Fast loading and user-friendly administration panel

The administration panel coming with the script loads fast and has an user friendly interface allowing to add quickly new products, edit or remove the existing ones.

Configuration Settings Management

The different configuration settings like the currency shown on the website or the PayPal address to charge the users and others can be easily changed from the administration panel and the Settings page in it.

Online Demos

main website demo php easy cart

Main Website Demo

Click here to open the demo

administration panel demo free php easy cart script

Administration Panel Demo

user: administrator
password: abc123

Click here to open the demo


To download NetArt Easy Cart, please click on the button bellow:

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