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About Us

NetArt Media is a software company, which strives to offer ready-made and high quality website systems, innovative software products and services.

Back in 2003, we started as a small web design company creating websites for its customers called "NetArt Studio". For our web design projects then, we often needed a content management system to allow our customers to manage easily the content of their website. We wanted to create a system, which is user friendly and easy to use, but offers at the same time innovative and advanced features.

That's how we created our first web system, a content management system called WebSiteAdmin. It included functionality to manage the website content with simple drag and drop moves and other features, which at that stage of development of web browsers, HTML and JavaScript was pretty innovative. Since 2005, we started offering WebSiteAdmin as a standalone downloadable web software and soon after that we started creating many other systems based on WebSiteAdmin.

In 2006, the multi user blog portal system we created - "Blog System" became popular and used on multiple websites and this gave us confidence to continue and create also other systems. In 2007 we created the Jobs Portal and Real Estate Portal, then the Car Portal and WSCreator and other systems we still continue to develop and offer today.

Today our main activity is creating websites for our customers and ready made web systems and we love our work. Following the modern trends, we try today to expand our activities and also offer development of mobile applications, professional website hosting, maintenance and other services.

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