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Classified Ad Lister (free script)

free php classified listings script
The Classified Ad Lister is a free, responsive and easy to install php script (not using any database, so the installation is as easy as copying the files to the website or folder you prefer), which allows to manage and show classified or product listings on a website.
It comes with an administration panel with functionality to add new listings, manage the existing ones and the site settings.
Classified Ad Lister is using a responsive (mobile friendly) design and can be translated easily to other languages. The design / templates can be customized and it can be also integrated in existing sites.
You may find below a list of its main features and also an online demo and a direct download link.

Main Features

Classified Ad Lister Main Features & Functionality

no database classifieds script with php

Easy Installation & No Database Used

Installing Classified Ad Lister is as easy as copying its files to the folder and website you wish. It's neither necessary to run a web installer, nor create any databases - the information is stored in XML files and no MySQL or other database is used.

The script and its full not encrypted source codes can be downloaded as a .zip file for free. The file can be unzipped and uploaded to your website folder to setup easily Classified Ad Lister on your site.

Easy Configuration, SEO and mobile friendly

The configuration settings can be changed easily from the administration panel.
The script is also mobile friendly (using responsive, bootstrap 3 templates) and SEO optimized - it's using links in SEO format (looking like static pages and with keywords in the urls and titles).
It's also fast loading since the content is optimized and no SQL queries are executed to load the page results and listing details.
easy configuration installation free php script

multi images upload php free script

Multiple listings and images management

The administration panel has an user friendly and simple to use interface for adding new listings or managing the existing ones.
When adding new listings, it's possible to upload multiple pictures at once (a jQuery file upload tool is used with preview and status bar). The images can be also modified when editing the listing information, their order can be changed with drag-and-drop movements (drag an image over the new desired position) and also upload more images.

Easy to translate

Classified Ad Lister is very easy to translate - it's using a language (text) file having the words and messages showing up on the main site and admin panel that can be translated to any language.
php software translate site classified ads

refine results free php script

Refine results

The refine results feature allows to search in the results and listing on the website and narrow or refine the search criteria.
It's possible to filter the results by keyword (the search is performed in the listings title and description), price range (a jQuery price selector is using to select the price range) and also a check box allowing the specify if only with listing with pictures should show up.

Grid and list view of the search results

The users can easily switch between list and grid views of the search results.

The change of the results format is done instantly, without reloading the entire page (using a JavaScript code).
php script switch grid list view listings

free classifieds image gallery php script

Final result with image gallery

The final result page shows the listing details with the full description, title and listing price.

If more images are uploaded, they will show with an image gallery when clicking on any of the listing images.

Contact form

The contact form allows the users to contact the administrator - the messages are sent by email to the email address of the administrator set in the administration panel.
A CAPTCHA image (human verification) is also added on the contact form for a better spam protection.
contact form classified ads free script

responsive free php classified ads script

Responsive & mobile friendly design

The main website as well as the administration panel are using responsive (bootstrap 3) templates and design.

The design adapts to the different devices and different screen sizes of tablets, computers and smart phones.

The usage of bootstrap 3 templates makes easy the integration with other bootstrap templates and also customizing the site and administration panel colors and design.

Online Demos

Front Site Demo

demo of classified ad lister

Click here to open the demo

Admin Panel Demo

administration panel classified ad lister
User: administrator   Password: abc123

Click here to open the demo


To download Classified Ad Lister, please click on the button bellow:

Download Classified Ad Lister

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