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DB Backup Tool (free script)

php script backup mysql database
The DB Backup Tool is a free php script allowing to backup easily the MySQL databases on your hosting package / your website.
Backing up regularly the databases of a website is quite important (to prevent any future data lost in a case of a website failure or when an old data has to be restored), but because of the sometimes difficult or long process to do that using the default features of the hosting package control panels, many people skip that or don't do it at all.
With DB Backup Tool you can download a backup of your database with a single click, you can download also a compressed .zip file and save it on your computer or have it emailed directly to your mailbox.

Main Features

DB Backup Tool Main Features & Functionality

free php script easy backup mysql database

Easy backup of your databases

With DB Backup Tool, you see the databases on your site as a list - to backup a database, you simply has to click on the database name.
The admin panel is protected with a password and for better security, you can rename the installation folder to any name you prefer.

Different options for backup

With DB Backup Tool you can choose between different options for backing your database:
1) Generate and download a MySQL dump of the database
2) Create a compressed .zip file
3) Create a MySQL dump and send it to a preferred email address
4) Generate a .zip file and send it to an email
database email zip backup options

free php script site backup to email

Easy configuration

The different configuration settings can be changed easily from the admin panel - it's possible to set the MySQL username, server and password, change the administrator's username and password and also configure the SMTP server to be used (external SMTP servers like Gmail and similar can also be used).

Simple and quick installation

The installation of DB Backup Tool is as easy as downloading and copying / uploading its files to the folder you prefer - no web installer or other installation is required. You can put it any sub folder on your website and you can set for it whatever sub folder name you prefer.
generate mysql dump free php script

php script send database backup to gmail

Send the backup by email, database compression

With the functionality to send the database backups to your mailbox (for example Gmail or similar) you can save the backups on alternative location (in a case of crash of your hard drive etc.).
The built-in feature to zip compress the database files allows to considerably reduce the backup file sizes.

Responsive (mobile-friendly) design

The script is using a responsive / mobile-friendly design, so you could easily access it also from your smart phone or tablet and backup your databases also from mobile devices.
responsive mysql admin and backup php script

Online Demos

online demo of php backup tool

DB Backup Tool Demo

User: administrator   Password: abc123



To download DB Backup Tool, please click on the button bellow:

Download DB Backup Tool

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