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Combine Several Products

Combine several of our products to create unique websites with single login id, different sections and features for the users and increased lead generation and profit for the website owner!

When combining products, it's possible to set that if an user registers on any of them, he can log in also on the others with the same username and password (without having to register again). Also it's possible to set the same template on all in order that they all look like being part of one big site and make them link one to another.

You may please find below information, demos, screenshots of a sample project of a site combining 5 of our products.

combine multiple php products

Demo website project requirements

  1. Create global marketplace where vendors can sell their products, post classified ads, comment and review and make blog posts, list their business in a business directory and others
  2. Have single login id for the different sections on the website, for example a vendor to be able to use his blog with the same username and password like the ones for his store administration panel
  3. Ease of use - the interface of the website menus and navigation should be easy to use, it should be possible to navigate through the different sections of the website
  4. SEO optimized - the website and pages in it should optimized for search engines, they should be indexed easily, have keywords in the titles, description, header tags, images alt text and others to increase the popularity in search engines and drive traffic
  5. Worldwide website open for sellers from the entire world and having the locations - countries and cities of the whole world
To create the website, we used PHP Mall as a base (which allows the sellers to sign up and create easily their stores) and the following products - Blog System, PHP Classified Ads, PHP Links Directory, Real Estate Portal installed in sub folders (like /classifieds, /realestate etc.)

Please click on the screenshots below to check out the different sections:

combine multiple php script

All are set to use one template (HTML 5 with responsive - optimized for mobile devices layout) in order to look like one main website with different sections and not separate scripts installed in different folders.
The different sections are linked between them, for example the links on the main / mall websites to the other sections (/realestate, /blogs, /classifieds, /directory) in the main navigation menu, and the Home link on the sections page to go back to the main page.
The navigation and menus are easy to use, for example the Shop Categories drop down menu built in the website main navigation menu on the main mall website - or the menus for selecting categories and location on the pages for adding a new business on the Business Directory or posting a new classified ad on the classifieds ads selection (the categories can be selected easily and without page reloading, please check for details).

Products drop down menu php mall Select category business directory software

To increase the interaction between the different sections and scripts, they are made to include sections from the other scripts - for example the home page of the main website (PHP Mall) includes on the home page part of the links of the Business Directory, to the right Featured Classified Ads section (PHP Classified Ads) etc.

Please note that these sections and elements can be combined in a custom and unique way in order to meet your specific project requirements.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any other questions related to the software solutions and possibile customizations and combinations between them.

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